Investment Profile

Piper Heartland Healthcare Capital, LLC


Investment Criteria
Healthcare Industry Focus:Healthcare companies within Piper Sandler’s established areas of advisory expertise and research coverage
Late-Stage and Crossover Focus:Last round of private investment for companies that have near or mid-term potential liquidity paths available to them
Differentiated Technologies or Services:Healthcare companies that possess technology, IP, processes, know-how or other proprietary attributes that are innovative and disruptive, which also give them the potential lead position in the market
Strong Management:Talented management teams, with strong performance incentives, capable of executing clinical, development and business plans while adapting to anticipated and unanticipated challenges
Foundational Investor Support:Meaningful investment and governance guidance from leading venture capital investors who have strong incentives to continue to support the company
Respected Investor Syndicate: Insiders or highly-respected outside investors that have an exceptional track-record of investing in sector-specific healthcare companies in both private and public equity opportunities
Aligned Perspective:Align investments with Piper Sandler investment banking, equity research and capital markets – to ensure a unified and positive perspective of market potential for the technology or service offerings from our target portfolio investments