Our seasoned professionals apply diverse and powerful strategies to help clients grow their franchises. Here is a sampling of how some of our Principals apply a specific strategic expertise to help form client solutions.

Global Financial Strategy

Robert B. Albertson, Principal

Objectively understanding macroeconomic and financial trends is critically important. Severe strains within the economy and financial system have changed the landscape dramatically and Sandler O’Neill has been a leading voice on these issues. We have been an advocate for financial institutions, using fact to counterbalance undue criticism.

In addition to thoughtful public commentary, we bring value-added perspective to investors, management teams and Boards of Directors globally on economic, systemic and industry trends. This insight adds value to institutional investors at both the analytical and portfolio levels throughout the financial services sector, and provides franchise-strengthening strategic and tactical capabilities to our investment banking services platform. To access detailed reports on key issues impacting Investment Strategy, please click here.

Balance Sheet Strategy

Scott Hildenbrand, Principal 

Properly positioning the balance sheet to generate quality earnings, maintain liquidity and capital levels, and control interest rate risk is a key ongoing task for bank financial managers. Sandler O'Neill has industry-leading expertise in assisting clients with tactical balance sheet management, and thorough understanding of the accounting, tax and regulatory factors which often complicate balance sheet management decisions.

Equally adept at working with assets and liabilities, we apply our expertise to both sides of the balance sheet. We also introduce off-balance sheet risk-management strategies appropriate for our clients and consistent with regulatory-imposed best practices. Our balance sheet advisory services cover the spectrum of client needs, from basic portfolio, funding and asset-liability advice for community banks to sophisticated debt restructuring, securitization, asset disposition and regulatory capital arbitrage strategies for our large bank clients.

Capital Strategy

Thomas W. Killian, Principal

In the competitive and rapidly changing financial sector, often the success of a financial company can come down to the efficiency of its capital structure relative to its business risk. Developing optimal capital strategies for highly leveraged and highly regulated financial institutions requires a thorough understanding of the rapidly changing regulatory, tax, accounting, and capital markets environments.

Since our founding in 1988, we have been committed to using our firm’s deep understanding of these issues to deliver executable capital and funding strategies that help our clients enhance their long-term franchise value. With the imposition of Basel III capital and liquidity rules and the Dodd-Frank Act regulations, along with consideration of alternative capital models such as the Small BHC Policy statement, Sandler O’Neill’s proven knowledge and track record for expertise in this area is more valuable than ever for our clients. To access detailed reports on key issues impacting Capital Strategy, please click here.

The Long View on Capital Issues

Fred D. Price, Managing Principal

Sandler O'Neill's comprehensive, long-term approach to strategy enables us to have more informed and consistent strategic discussions that yield specific solutions for clients. We always formulate our advice by considering a client’s overall business plan and strategic goals.

Now in our third decade, Sandler O’Neill has seen cyclical economic shifts before, and we understand the challenges they present. We expect that volatility will persist in the financial sector as our system works though various issues. As companies reassess their business plans, Sandler O’Neill has the right perspective to recognize long-term risks and benefits, so that when opportunities arise, we can help clients execute with the maximum effectiveness.

Insurance Strategy

George C. Johns, Principal

Our insurance investment banking practice creates value for our clients by providing rigorous financial analyses, strategic advice and capital raising services based on decades of Wall Street experience and involvement in a wide variety of transactions. Our client base spans a broad range of the insurance industry, from small and mid-sized privately owned firms to large publicly traded companies.

On every assignment that we undertake, we provide hands-on, senior-level attention and thoughtful analysis and draw upon our extensive base of industry-wide institutional relationships. Becausae of our commitment to independence, we strive to maintain the primacy of our clients’ strategic objectives we recommend transactions only when they meet those objectives in a financially sound and prudent manner.